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About Sanat

SANAT is A  GROUP  OF  WELL-EXPERIENCED  ARTISTIC  ENGINEERS who offer distinctive interior  and  exterior  designs  with  a  modern  spirit  that  suits  all  tastes,  where  we  carry  out design and construction works in a new concept, in which we offer designs based on scientific foundations  that  were  made  to  meet  the  functional  needs  of  the  place  for  more  sense of comfort and privacy, according to the latest decorations and designs.

The dream


The dream.

THE DREAM... is the story of the human squared over his personal space... the tale of the beauty is told by the architectural designs characterized by an interior thin touch... flying realistic visions in the creativity horizon.. more than just vacuums or just building... Let us make your dream come true... drow your own aspirations in your building by our hands. We provide you with more of the privacy feelings, comfort, and harmony in each and everyone of its corners.
Your building tells your story.

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The dream

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+90 552 279 7000
Bahçetepe Medikule Sitesi, 23. 1st Floor, F-1 Block, Flat-132, Başakşehir, istanbul
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